x every day: onehundredfortysix

10 June 2008


I finally got Erik's/Julie's/Kari's cold. Did yoga at lunchtime, showed up for the LunaChix bike ride in bike shorts over tights (which wasn't as wretched as I thought it would be-- in fact, it was fun to wear some haphazard colors in the kind of patterns that are only tolerable for exercise clothing. Why is that?). Only Sara was there, waiting for me in her warm car, in sweats. Wait, no one else wanted to ride in the blowing mist? I did a loop of the esplanade, then enough of the Springwater Trail to make ten miles. Erik got takeout from Vege Thai for dinner, and then I went over to Ted's house for an hour to help. There wasn't much for me to do, but I'm determined to see him most days til he goes back to Phoenix on Friday.