x every day: onehundredfortyfour

09 June 2008


Just as yesterday ended on an odd note, so does tonight. This morning I went for a disastrous breakfast with Julie (long, boring story short: we got there before opening time and there was still a long line, food took an hour, and my un-seasoned tofu scramble had tiny diced mushrooms that-- though I removed every millimeter from a small part until it had taken just too much time-- caused me instant stomach distress). I also did a ton of yardwork, went to a baby shower, failed to secure poutine, made dinner, and did more yard work. We met Donna & Lake at the fair and rode the ferriswheel, walked the carnival, went on a scary fast ride that turned out to be fun, and ate some sugary carny treats. Blue cotton candy is my poison.

Then we went to Backspace to see Crystal Castles. Backspace is a network gaming place with a coffeeshop and art space. It is not meant to hold two hundred people, let alone dancing, doped youth. Wow. We had to wait about an hour for Crystal Castles-- mostly we sat on the curb across the street with Josh & Tiffany, then we went into the extremely makeshift (think leaned plywood) beer area. They were out of everything except for cans of "Old German." Warm cans. We each had one, and I think I passed out/fell asleep standing a few times. Then when the band came on, we moved closer in to dance. Then the strobe started. I went to the back and faced a well-lit hall. Erik said goodbye to Josh and took me home. On the way home, he stopped at the Burger King drive-through, where we were told to wait. I noticed aloud that under "Fish & Salads," the menu counterintuitively listed "chicken tenders" and "chicken fries." After waiting a few more minutes without hearing from the speaker, Erik just drove off. Then he told me that he didn't appreciate me being disparaging and messing up his getting food after drinking two beers and taking me home. I thought he was joking, but he told me he was serious. I'm still trying to figure it out, but I am so tired. Maybe the strobes erased my mind.