x every day: onehundredfiftyone

15 June 2008


I ran eight miles alone, which was particularly tough because I haven't run more than five miles in a month or three. Erik and I went to Sweet Pea-- I had the all-you-can eat vegan buffet, the theme of which was McDonald's breakfast. The McGriddle and fried apple pies were amazing. Sadly, they were out of kale, but the hashbrowns are always tasty. Returning home utterly stuffed, we read outside for a while before loading up Erik's car with everything we had cleaned out of the garage yesterday. We drove to the dump, then picked up Aspen to go back to Cory's for part two of the silicone mold. I mostly jumped on the trampoline with Hanna and Danny (Erik was more popular on the trampoline than me, because he could double-bounced everyone else and send us flying), but Cory's grandpa showed me how to drive a forklift and I got to put the lift all the way up to its max at 15ft, as well as take it for a U-turn up the gravel drive. Then he fired up the Performer (which he invented and built!) and took me for a short ride. We had to leave rather quickly to get to Erik's parents' house for dinner, where we ate pizza outside while hanging out with our favorite nephews.