x every day: onehundredthirtyfour

29 May 2008


A painful morning. Went to yoga and during the last five minutes-- which is relaxing meditation time-- I saw D's face and the face of a snow leopard, next to each other but also the same thing. In the afternoon, Erik called to ask if I wanted a smoothie-- he was at the nearby Costco. He came over to my office, and we went to see the Nike Mile event, where elite runners from all over the world try to beat the four minute mile on the track. There are various events-- employees, kids, 800s, etc-- and of course, beer. It was fun to stand around in the gooey grass and watch.

After work, stuck behind one of those uber-frustrating trains that's just stopped still as death. Then a mad rush to do everything-- cut Erik's hair, dye mine, make dinner, pack, get things ready for being gone. Going to a wedding is worse than normal travel, because it necessitates all sorts of girly crap I'd never otherwise take. I'm traveling with three pairs of shoes and nail polish, for pete's sake.