x every day: onehundredthirteen

08 May 2008


Yoga today, and an old standby of a lunch. I drove straight home after work, forgetting to pick up the order of wine that Kari and I ordered together. Out in the cool, overcast, but dry backyard, I pulled errant grass out of flower beds until Erik came home, and then we walked to the grocery store, made pizzas (mine bombed worse than it ever has-- my dough didn't have the long gluten strings that usually hold it together while allowing it to stretch), and have been relaxing ever since. While baking the pizzas, I roasted brussel sprouts (with red pepper, olive oil, salt; then added cider vinegar, soy sauce, maple syrup and salad-bar-style bacon bits at the end) and made a batch of BBBs... I won't know how those came out til I try some tomorrow, so I don't want to reveal what that stands for and horrify anybody. Stay tuned.