x every day: onehundredsixteen

11 May 2008


Ted and I ate a late breakfast at Junior's, then I did spring-cleaning laundry (all of the curtains and washable rugs), started cleaning up the side yard (a 30' camellia tree's worth of fallen flowers), tore out the overwintered broccoli.

Erik and I went down to visit Julie at the nursery-- I got us pretty lost along the way. The pizza cart's goods were fantastic, and on the way home we stopped by a smoothie shop neither of us had seen before, and Costco. Costco had a lot of garden decorations I've always wanted-- solar spotlights, art glass stakes, and path lights, ceramic mushrooms, and a flat of pansies. Hurrah! We rushed home to discover that we never received tickets to the Kids in the Hall show. After searching the house and calling every phone number, we went to the Schnitzer to try to sort it out.

Luckily the woman at the box office was helpful, and we got our tickets in time to meet Kari, Steve, and a slew of Canadians at Bistro 926 for dinner before the show.