x every day: onehundrednineteen

15 May 2008


This is the kind of day worth waiting for. Erik came to my work for lunch, we went to Costco together (even that place made enjoyable by spending time with him). I went for a run after work with my friend Kathy, outdoors in the sun on a trail wearing cute running clothes. Then I came home to Donna, Erik, the cats, and a cleaned house.

Donna, Erik and I went to Porque No for dinner, eaten outside with pomegranate pint margaritas. Afterwards, a desire for Italian ice led us downtown to the closed Mio Gelato, the closed Cupcake Jones, and then the open dessert bar at Whole Foods. Since we were walking past Teardrop, might as well stop in... Well, a few drinks and many stories later, we went back to the eastside, dropped off Erik, and went to a playground for some serious nighttime swingset action. A cat came out of the woods, so of course Donna and I had to rush over and pet her. Her extra-toed paws gripped the playground surface woodchips like she was evolved for such an environment. I could've stayed there all night, but tomorrow's supposed to be my first day taking public transit to work. I have to leave the house 45 minutes earlier than usual-- we'll see how that works out.