x every day: ninetyone

01 April 2008


I might be the world's slowest sewer, because it has taken me hours to get to this point and I have little to show for it. It didn't help that I worked late, came home to a messy kitchen that needed cleaning before I could make dinner, rushed of to REI fifteen minutes before closing, then came home to a meager hour to sew. I got one pocket and its flap attached, and a little elastic loop. I also marked seam lines on the front interior panel, and rolled the seams for the front exterior pocket flaps. They've got so much fabric tightly rolled that they're difficult edges to finish, combined with the fact that you don't want to make too many holes in laminated fabric (with pins or pulling out stitches). Doublesided tape helps a bit. I had never used that stuff before, but it's rather magical.

Oh, and I was pretty angry this evening.