x every day: Japan day 3

08 April 2008

Okay, this is the six-minute special as my 100 yen/10 minutes ticks away. Yesterday we has coffee/breakfast at Tully`s near our second hotel. I grabbed a few onigiri, including one that I later found to contain fish. We took the train to Akihabara (Electric Town). Wandered the toy shops, electronic goods mega-stores, multi-storey arcades (a different type of game on every level, usually starting with those claw machines), and finally back through this low warren of components-- LEDs, switches, every kind of part to make anything that Make Magazine has ever featured. After meeting back up together at the train station, we went to the main huge department store, which was truly mind-blowing. I found the most unique color of fingernail polish ever, which I consider my day`s greatest accomplishment.

After having a rest back at the hotel, we set out for a ramen shop for dinner, then walked our book:s recommended tour of the `seedy` east Shinjuku (location of our first hotel). The main entertainment area was overstimulating, but nothing special. The private bars lining the alleyways of the Golden Gai were =astounding=. I have never seen the like, but it:s something of which I:ve had many dreams.

Down to one minute! We also went to a Shinto shrine which was amazing, and then another game arcade-- Taito Station. We`ve been watching a bunch of Japanese tv, which is fascinating. Can hardly get enough. I love this place. It:s clean, orderly, polite, and hideous to the point of wonderfulness.