x every day: Japan day 11

18 April 2008

All you can eat toast and coffee for breakfast, and then we decided to split up. Erik and I were going to take the boat to Odaiba, and the others were going to the Tokyo National Museum in Ueno. Turned out that the boat wasn't running for another two hours, so we decided to go to the museum too. Erik and I charged through the place, but we saw Aspen, Josh and Tiffany a few times. Afterwards we went to an old, established soba place. I had kitsune udon, the broth of which I'm fairly sure had dashi (with dried fish flakes) in it. I tried to ignore it, but I did have some stomache cramps, and resolved to not let it slide like that again.

After lunch we walked to the Sony building to check out their futuristic demos. It was a bit disappointing-- no Playstation, but the had interesting vignettes arranged to take photos of. Then we decided to search out the specialty tabi store. It took a lot of map comparing, asking directions, and plain old wandering, but we finally found it pretty close to where we started out. Argh. But I got a fancy pair of mid-shin tabi boots with a rubberized toes and a cool interior fabric. We headed back to the hotel and I think we went to bed fairly early. Still no onsen for me.