x every day: sixtyfive

05 March 2008


I almost ate my own tooth today. Well, not technically my tooth, but a facing meant to protect the base eroded from grinding. I was eating a piece of fruit leather and crunched on a little white rock. Hours later, I felt an uneven edge on one of my teeth and realized what had happened. I also didn't go outside, didn't go to the gym, and worked eleven hours straight at the office. I got home at 8:30pm after picking up Vietnamese takeout, and just spent the last two hours working. I didn't even get halfway done for the demo tomorrow at 10am. So this is a shitty, lazy picture, the fastest thing I could get in place.

Gawd, I went back to make it square, but it's only 480px and I just can't do it a third time to make it 500. Rules schmules.