x every day: seventynine

20 March 2008


Woke up early, made chocolate cupcakes and chocolate frosting for a thing at work. I got confused, though-- it was someone's birthday today, but tomorrow is the March Madness potluck (no, I'm not interested in basketball. It's the potluck part.).

After work I met Kathy-- and of course traffic was bad, worse than it's been for weeks-- for a run around the waterfront, especially to see the full-bloom cherry blossoms. By the time we got to the Steel Bridge to cross to the part with the trees, it was raining whipped sideways and we could barely see. It was good to see Kathy after a couple of months.

At home, in the rain, I laid a wheelbarrow-full of compost on a third, different bed-- only I didn't tidy it up as much as I've done for the other two. I made shepherd's pie for dinner, and sewed more on the external pockets. I thought I'd finished up the pockets, but I had forgotten to edge the pen pocket and make flaps for the two outer cargo pockets-- a way to ensure that things won't fall out of them, which has been a sore lack in my previous bags.