x every day: eightytwo

23 March 2008


I've been having alarm angst since Erik's been unemployed. I woke up around 5am, 5:30, 6am, 6:30, and finally 7:33am for my 8 o'clock eight mile run. It was rainy in varying intensities, and windy round the river. And my back hurt. I'm beginning to think this is a weekend thing-- just in time to ensure that I don't get to do any of the things I really need to get done (2 1/2 cubic yards of compost! I can hear it growling my name).

After my run, I came home, prepped food for Easter brunch at Erik's parents' house, showered, and dressed. Brunch was good (I made curry roasted potatoes & yams and lemon cornmeal waffles), and I started to relax, playing with Gabriel, getting sleepy... Then we went home so I could work. Work work. And that's about it til now, when I took I break to take out the trash and take my daily photo. I worked for about ten hours straight, and I have two thirds of the documents converted that are due first thing tomorrow morning. That's a third to go, with the other two thirds having taken me two weeks. Ugh.