x every day: fortynine

18 February 2008


It was my last day off for a while, and I was desperate to be outside-- to work in the yard, to go for a hike, to run a million errands. But I was good and I (mostly) stayed in. I'm still stuffed up, and for the most part I rested.

Of course I didn't get much done on the bag, although I sewed the first stitches and made the first mistake. I did a wee bit of cleanup in the backyard, whacking the hell out of the biggest rose, and I did go for a walk while the bread dough rose-- down to the river to take a peek in Olio United, back home, then to New Seasons for a few ingredients to make Nanaimo bars. But yeah, other than making cinnamon rolls for breakfast, bread, dinner, and those bars... I'm exhausted.