x every day: fiftyseven

26 February 2008


I went to Centergy (yoga-ish class) today at lunch, and swam after work. I called my mother on the way home, and developed a visual migraine that I noticed just as I turned down my street. When I got home, I tried to to sit in the dark for a while for the dancing lights to subside. When I finally got off the phone with my mother, I still had to make dinner-- leftovers from the previous night, bolstered with some canned saag I tried to perk up a bit. It was tough to see how much of anything I put in the pot, in the dark kitchen. We ate in the dark, and then I rested on the couch for a while. We walked to Palio for a slice of vegan cake and Dream tea, which is now no more-- I can't believe they'd discontinue the most popular tea.