x every day: fiftyone

20 February 2008


I'm over some kind of sick-hump, but not well enough to be up to speed in social situations. I went out for lunch with Chris, Cory and an IT guy I think I'm supposed to have met before. That dumb "huh" look sat on my face most of the time. It's as if I can't hear well, and the sound signal moves about ten miles per hour slower than everyone else's. It's humbling and tiresome. I'm pretty tiresome, sick.

Went to the gym for the gentle elliptical machine, and the steam room. Exchanged a pair of pants for Erik, arrived home after sunset but with plenty of time for us to watch and photograph and enjoy the entire lunar eclipse. That was particularly nice-- set up with the tripod, trying different exposure times, holding hands in the clear night chill. It somehow tinged the evening with an otherworldly glow, listening to the KLF chill-out album in the kitchen with the lights off, lit by the newly be-Leoparded Mac and the Aerogarden from atop the fridge.