x every day: fiftynine

27 February 2008


Josh sent me a wonderful shiny travel alarm clock, which has a city in each time zone on a ring around the face. You turn the ring to your time zone, and the clock adjusts in kind. I love it. It also gives me more ideas for places I'd like to see.

This morning my cold gave another kick, straight to my head. I could feel the sinus tides sweep back and forth, aching pressure in my head. It was so painful and nauseating that I finished the things I had to do and left early, around 2pm. I spent the rest of the evening trying to relax, mostly outside in the amazing spring sunlight. I barely got a nap in, but I ordered five cubic yards of compost and it was delivered half to the front, half to the back (we have an alley); Julie plans to work on spreading it during the day tomorrow.

I called my dad and learned some unseemly family financial details, which I would like to tell the story of, with more time.