x every day: twentysix

26 January 2008


I slept in after everyone bailed on our regular long weekend run. I thought I could get by without a run, but I started to get antsy and went for a short one. My shoes slipped as I headed out, and I thought it was just slippery from mud and moss from the first time it has rained in a while. It was rain turning to ice as it hit the ground.

We left for Seattle after a few false starts and getting waffles from Flavour Spot, and stopped to see Geoff, Lena, and their new baby Evan on the way. Driving straight to Caitlyn's house, we had tea, checked into our hotel, and went back to Lacey's house for dinner.

We had to bolt after eating (but forgot the tickets AGAIN and had to return for them) to find a parking spot near the Paramount and our hotel. The Ryan Adams show was great-- I really enjoyed his banter, but for Erik it was a labor of love to endure. We walked back to the hotel, to get a drink at its attached bar. It happened to be a really nice fusion-sushi joint with a late-end happy hour, so we got food and drinks, then retired to our room to lounge in posh bathrobes and try to grab a free wireless connection. No go on that, but rest assured that the pictures were taken and words written on the 26th.