x every day: twelve

13 January 2008


Six mile run, breakfast with all of the Collinses at Jace Gace, a newish all-waffle place nearby. I had the "Pina Colada" waffle with coconut cream, pineapple, banana, and brown sugar. It was awesome. Played Super Mario Galaxy for a bit before going out on a long errands-walk. Walked past Erik's brother's house, over to the European market for blackcurrant syrup and odd Croatian crackers. Down to Yarn Garden for bulky non-wool and huge size 17 needles (they didn't have 19s as the pattern calls for, nor do they have any non-wool in super bulky weights, but I simply cannot buy fabric or yarn without touching it first). Bought some deep fried treats at the only open cart. Erik got a milkshake at Burgerville while I bought vodka for infusing tomorrow. Walked back and got busy prepping for the backsplash to be tiled tomorrow, including prepping the kitchen window to paint. Sanding the glazing on an eighty-four year old window is not fun, let me tell you. Made puff pastry hors d'oeuvre, got dressed and bemakeupped, went to Kari's "Rock Band" party.

I had to take a photo of my makeup, even though I'd already taken off the hat and wig, because Erik's photo of me didn't show it, and I hadn't done it up like that in ten years. Dunno, guess I'm proud or something. It's me but it's really not.