x every day: seventeen

17 January 2008


I went for a run at noon, with Chris and his friend Greg. On the way back to my building from the gym, Alberto Salazar opened a door for me. I wanted to shout to him "I love running!" But instead I said "Thank you." He looks so thin.

After work, I swam with Dana, and I was late and didn't have to swim quite as much. Even though I did fewer laps and my form felt messier even than usual, if felt easier overall, which encourages me. Maybe I can really do two (sprint distance) triathlons this year.

D came over, and we made pizzas and hung out and watched an episode of Arrested Development and got tea at Palio and walked around. Damn, D is great. She's a lottery jackpot of a person-- smart, creative, easy to talk to, wonderful storyteller. I can't remember any humans getting so close into my heart so quickly, but perhaps that's another of her appealing aspects-- I'll call it felinity.