x every day: four

04 January 2008



Erik and I went for dinner at Toro Bravo with Julie, Brian, Andres and Lisa. Lisa's in "TC" (Tissue Culture) at Monrovia, where Brian and Andres work. The wait was long, but we had drinks at Russell St Barbeque across the street for an hour, then stood in a corner in the restaurant for another twenty minutes and started the ordering.

Another zombified tired and sore day at work-- went to the Sculpt class with Kari. I'll mourn these short holiday work weeks when so few people are in the office, and I can come in late and leave early. Even if I didn't really take advantage of it.

I'm bitter about waking up early tomorrow for a run. It'll be a short one, and I've barely run in the past two weeks, in favor of more muscle-soreness causing pursuits.